Monday 31 May 2010

Walnut cake

My most delicious cake. Adored by everyone who tries it at least once.

Interesting fact: in this cake there is not even a gram of flour!

This cake I am making for Christmas. Aroma of nuts is so lovely!

Ingredients for cake:

250 g ground walnuts (weigh it after grinding) 
10-12 eggs (from 12 is more tastier) 
250 g icing sugar 
3 tablespoons bread crumbs 
1 teaspoon baking powder 
punch  (alcohol, sugar and tea)

Ingredients for filling:

200 g ground walnuts 
200 g soft butter (of course unsalted :) )
200 g icing sugar 

How to make cake:

1. First of all, preheat the oven to 180 degrees. 
2. Prepare mid-size tin cake. Grease it with fat and sprinkle bread crumbs. 
3. Blend yolks with sugar until get light cream colour. Then add walnuts, baking powder and bread crumbs . Blend well. 
4. In a separate bowl beat the foam of the 12 white eggs. 
5. At the end combine whipped whites with walnut dough. Use spoon and mix slowly.
6. Bake until the dough is golden and will swerve from the edges of the mold. Usually it takes 40 minutes.
7. Cake must cool down before cut it in half. 
8. Drip cake by punch. 

How to make walnut filling:

1. Walnuts with little bit of milk put to saucepan and bring it to boil. Mix it and look after to not get burn. Ready walnuts cooled. 
2. Blend the butter with powdered sugar and alcohol (Usually I am using vodka but Baileys is great too). 
3. Cold walnuts add to butter and blend again.
4. 2/3 of filling spread over cake. Cover by second half of the cake.
5. Drip top of the cake by punch. After that smear rest of the filling. 
6. Decorate with whipped cream.
7. Put cake into the fridge for few hours. Filling will set.

Bon apetite!

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