Friday 6 May 2011


When I was young we had classes at school called ZPT. We learned how to cook, sew, repair stuff. At one of those lessons we had to bake cake. My friend Asia shared with us her family's Apple Pie recipe.
Since that time I am baking it quite often. The best is with vanilla ice-cream.


3 cups plain flour
0,5 cup sugar (for cake)
200 g unsalted butter
3 egg yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla esence
4 heaped spoonful sour cream
2 teaspoon bakng powder
2 kg apples
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup sugar (for apple jam)

1. Combine butter, flour, egg yolks, vanilla esence, and sugar. When ingredients are well combined divide dough for two parts. Cover them with wrapping foil and put to fridge for few hours.
2. In mean-time. Peel and grate apples. Boil them with sugar at very low heat. When water evaporate add cinnamon. Ready apples leave to cool.
3. Preheat oven to 180 C.
4. Prepare square baking tray - grease it and sprinkle with bread crumbles or semolina.
5. Remove dough from fridge. Grate one part to baking tray. Spread apples on it. Then grate last part of cake.
6. Bake for about 45 minutes.
7. When ready and cool cut it to squares.
8. Serve warm with vanilla ice-creams.

Smacznego :)


  1. The pie looks so have some lovely baked goodies in your blog...thanks for visiting my blog...hoping to see you often...happy to be following you Alexandra.

  2. Thank you for very nice comment :). I am trying to improve my baking skills and having blog is very helpful :).

  3. Looks super yummy!! Thanks for sharing ;)

  4. Ciao Aleksandra, what a lovely name you have!

    Thank you for your visit, really you have something similar to crescentine? there must be a few things that both Italian and Polish like! In fact two of my cookbooks have been translated into Polish!
    this one
    and this one

    I just spent a wonderful Easter with some Polish friends, they cooked nice things, and even some vegetarian food (I am vegetarian), and also made some nice bread!

    ciao and see you soon


  5. @Seniorita thank you :)!
    @Alessandra - we are sharing the best name :)! I love sound of Italian version. Wow! You wrote your own books! That is incredible! I admire you. I believe it must be a hard job to write a book. When I will be in Poland I will have to look for it. Polish peple (including me ;D) love Italian food. It's more refreshing than Polish one. Especially Polish winter food. I am very glad you pop in to my blog :). I hope you will have lovely day! Aleksandra :)
    PS. What is short form of Alessandra in Italy? Do you have any? In Poland it's Ola (like Spanish - Hi), in UK Alex. :)

  6. Thanks for your comment and follow. Your apple cake looks delish! Sour cream is such a winner in making cakes moist.


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