Thursday 12 July 2012

Polish vegetable salad


Mayonnaise (try to buy Polish one from Winiary company. It tastes like home-made)
2 tablespoons mustard
3 large carrots
2 parsley-roots or parsnips
Half of celeriac
3 large hard-boiled eggs
1 can peas (or half a can of peas and half a can of corn)
Black pepper (salad must be spicy)
4 large Polish sour cucumbers (ogórki kiszone)
3 large potatoes
1 apple
1 small onion
Salt (optional)
1. Wash all the vegetables. Place: potatoes, carrots, parsnips, celeriac, and water in a large pot. Cook until al’dente (vegetables can’t be very soft because it will be hard to cut them and instead of salad you will get a mash).
2. Cooked and cooled vegetables peel from their skin. Cut them into small cubes (one cube should be big as one pea).
3. To large bowl add cooked vegetables, peas (or peas with corn).
4. Cucumbers, onion, eggs, and apple: cut them into the same size small cubes as you cut vegetables. Add them to bowl.
5. Add to bowl mustard, black pepper (for your taste) and mayonnaise (start from 3 tablespoons). Mix everything (not to strong – you want vegetables to keep their shape). You can add more mayonnaise if needed (check photos on my blog how salad should look like).
6. You can add salt but in my opinion it is no needed.    
7. Put bowl with salad to fridge for a few hours.
8. Serve with sourdough bread.
This is vegetarian version. If you like meat use 2 Polish smoked sausages (kielbasa). Cut them into small cubes and add to the rest of ingredients.

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